Saturday, January 16, 2010

Discouraging Cowardly Anonymous Bloggers By Playing A Guessing Game Of "Who Could It Be Now?" Or "Could It Be ________?"

As readers of this blog will come to be aware, I am strongly opposed to people posting insulting and defamatory attacks on other people or groups under the cowardly cover of internet anonymity. There may well be *some* justifiable reasons for posting material to the internet under the cover of anonymity, like The Ellery Avenger itself, which is why I am not *totally* opposed to any and all internet anonymity, but posting demonizing and marginalizing malicious gossip to the internet is not one of them. I intend to make it clear that I will "out" cowardly anonymous or pseudonymous bloggers and website operators who post insulting and defamatory language, demonizing and marginalizing public attacks, offensive or obscene material, or other verbal abuse aka verbal violence to their own anonymous or pseudonymous blogs or websites if I am able to do so. Needless to say Robin Edgar aka The Emerson Avenger aka Godknowswho aka The Dagger of Sweet Reason aka many other pseudonyms is the "Poster Boy" for *that* brand spanking new policy of The Ellery Avenger.

But what does one do if one cannot "out" a cowardly anonymous commenter or blogger or website operator because one is unable to determine their real identity? What if you cannot "out" all the blogs and websites because someone uses so many pseudonyms, so many aliases that there's no way of knowing how many he's done? Are there other methods that might persuade these internet attack dogs that their chosen fate of becoming an anonymous troll, offender, or pornographer was none-the-less less than well advised?

I can think of one. In fact I thought of it several days ago and I have decided to implement this measure on this blog. As a direct result of deciding how to respond to the insulting and defamatory and libelous The Emerson Avenger blog in a manner that lets its sick, bitter, twisted author know that it would have been better for pretty much all concerned for him not to make insulting and defamatory public attacks on innocent, uninvolved people simply because he resents the backlash he has so richly earned. I came up with the idea of simply "guessing" who the anonymous blogger(s) *might* be, which websites are actually run by these authors. . . Who needs to waste time trying to identify cowardly anonymous bloggers in order to "out" them when one can easily guess from writing style, level of offensiveness, lack of rationality, and fetish or obsession who the author is?

That's right, I am going to play a little game called - "Guess The Anonymous Blogger" aka "Did Robin Edgar Write This?"

If I happen to miss the target a few times well that is all part of the game isn't it?

If I guess that Robin Edgar might be *behind* a given blog, or indeed suggest that Robin, who although not known to have published much pornography before might be responsible for a given website's content, (he is a photographer, after all) and those guesses turn out to be wrong, well that is more or less what is known as "collateral damage". . . In any case we won't *really* know with any certainty that my guesses are wrong until such a time as the real identity of the author(s) of those blogs and websites is/are known will we? When the vicious attack blogger Robin Edgar starts "going down in flames" (as it were) he may come to realize that attacking innocents was "less than wise". Hopefully I will start a trend by encouraging anyone else who is opposed to his cowardly underhanded attacks on the internet to play the same guessing game.

The Emerson Avenger is always quite pleased with himself when he comes up with a brand-spanking new original idea and it would appear that he believes the idea of "deliberately target innocent people in the hopes that innocent blood will drown my enemies" is indeed an original one. "Why no one else thought of it before is beyond me," he says, "After all it *is* something of a "no-brainer" when you think about it. . ." He is wrong as usual, of course, the idea of deliberately targeting innocents has been thought of before, by many people- Al Queada, Taliban, the Red Brigade. It's called terrorism, and it's been thought of by a great many people whose egos are bigger than their empathy, people whose primal need for revenge is so great they no longer care who gets hurt as long as somebody is hurt. On the other hand, Robin Edgar is not completely wrong; it is indeed a "no-brainer", just not in the way he meant.

Needless to say an alternative title for this game could be Guess The Goose, because the gander is going to get sauced. Apparently no one in the whole history of the interwebs thought of *that* idea either it seems. . . Must be my lucky day! And of course a rather "less than lucky" day only for anti-UU bloggers and nasty, vicious trolls.

No Robin Edgar?

Let the games begin!